How Psychotherapy Works

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How Psychotherapy Works - Скачать видео!

Psychotherapy holds out the promise of being able to help us with many of the problems that ruin our lives: anxiety, self-hatred, shame and confusion... But how exactly does it work? On what basis can it help us?
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“When one is in a bad place in one’s head, the modern world offers three main sources of solace: psychiatric medication, CBT and psychotherapy.
Each has its own advantages and drawbacks. Medication can be exemplary in a crisis, at points when the mind is so under siege from fear, anxiety or despair that thinking things through cannot be an option. Correctly administered, without requiring any conscious cooperation from us, pills play around with our brain chemistry in a way that helps us get through to the next day – and the one after. We may get very sleepy, a bit nauseous or rather foggy in the process, but at least we’re still around – and functioning, more or less.”

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Produced in collaboration with:
Directed and illustrated
Natalia Ramas

Animated by
Daniel García
@dan.elpulpo #TheSchoolOfLife

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How Psychotherapy Works - Скачать видео!


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